Sean Whitty on Mixlr

Playing records live now and forever until the end of timee, music of all shapes and sizes fuck yeah tune in for best experience ever

Doc L Junior - You Know How To Dance

Straight up dance floor heat! A straightforward edit at face value, but with the cracks filled with ideas from a mind that knows how to move minds alongside those feet. tip!

Frak - Synthfrilla

Masterful electro cut onto the more-than-infamous SEX TAGS MANIA imprint

Kenny Dixon Jr. - January

Can’t believe I found this record in a bargain bin for next to nothing, One of Moodymanns most sought after releases (for obvious reasons) my favourite KDJ release, and a record that really puts a stamp on that Detroit sound.  

Kenny Dixon Jr. at his most raw, 4 cuts of raw detroit house rough and ready for action.

Mark Du Mosch - Summer Breeze

This may have been posted before here but I’ve a bad memory and who cares, its one that will always put me in a good mood!

Enjoy the warm, cheerful sounds of Mark Du Mosch!

Great Lineup for this one day festival in Amsterdam, and for just 40 euro too, am considering picking up a ticket, anyone here been to it before?
Highlights for me: Mr Ties, Theo Parrish, Omar S, Fred P, Ron Morelli & Huerco S. Really good lineup for your money, woaaw

No better feeling than walking into the club on a Saturday night and all the bouncers are giving you high fives and then you get in and everyone lifts you into the air and people are handing you drinks and cheering you on….

Joey Anderson - Maidens Return 

The debut album of Joey anderson was released on monday, and it goes without saying I’m eagerly awaiting a copy of After Forever. His music is a blend of ethereal soul and dance floor muscle and functionality that achieves an unsuspecting harmony. 

Luring those into false senses of security, with submersive synth lines, but keeping us constantly on edge, this is beautifully paranoid music. 

Think I read on Resident Advisor, a trick he uses for achieve the constant tension is not using claps or snares very often, making his music feel unresolved, without closure, In the same way a good film never wraps up its loose ends, keeps you thinking long after the credits roll.

Anyways I highly recommend this LP, long unresolved jams that Soundcloud previews can really do no justice, Tiiiip!

Heres a new track I was working on last night. Late night tripping on the electronic drums and cosmos tea, hope you enjoy it!

Neon Judgment - The Fashion Party

Floor burning New wave Electro prototype, shout out to Angular Recording Corporation for putting me wide to this and many other gems with their outstanding Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Volume 1 compilation on 2x12”. 

Ordered my copy, this is one of the most fun, listenable, and dance floor serving records I’ve come across in a good while, ultimate tip!

Mutant Beat Dance- Capitulo Finale

Dark Sleazy Abrasive Fuzzy DEPRAVED sounds from Beau Wanzer and Melvin Oliphant aka Mutant Beat Dance. FUCK YEAH

Nianatty - One Love Stylee

Positive vibrations!

Trushmix 50 present the first 3hrs of DJ Sotofett live at The Panther Room, Brooklyn NYC (Dec. 19th 2013). Amongst the not too unusual Finnish obscurities and unreleased Wania & Mania drops there’s a pile of Deep-Queens less-than-$1-digs as well as Jersey & New York City house classics. Shouts to Madteo for hours-upon-hours in the crates and the daily music OD. Thanks to Taimur Agha for setting it all up and also recording the show.

reg·o·lith  (rĕg′ə-lĭth′)
The layer of loose rock resting on bedrock, constituting the surface of most land. Also called mantle rock.

[Greek rhēgos, blanket + -lith.]

Panoram - A Replica Of Yourself

A healthy concoction of sedated funk and vast otherworldliness courtesy of Panoram, From his album Everyone is a Door, recently released on Firecracker Recordings. Late night listening.

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